Immersive reading environments

I’m very excited to present in virtual reality for the first time. 19 February 2020, 12:00 CET on AltspaceVR.

The 2020 Educators in VR International Summit is a free, open-to-the public, virtual event lasting 6 days (over 100 round-the-clock hours) with a diverse range of over 150 speakers and presentations. It will be live streamed on YouTube, for those who can’t or don’t want to use VR.

I will talk about my work with the no-profit StoryVR and Milan City Libraries. Since September 2019 we have been using a VR app specifically designed to increase readers absorption into stories. I will present the results of workshops done with library patrons and data from empirical research done with my colleague Katalin Bálint (VU Amsterdam).

This is a preview of the app.

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“Social reading” panel at DH2019

My wonderful colleague Simone Rebora put together an amazing panel about social reading for the DH2019 conference in Utrecht. It’s a great stage to present the work we’ve been doing together for the last 2 years, but lastly I decided not to attend and stay in Seoul to take care of my 2 months old baby.

However, I prepared a short video summarising some of our results. We currently have a paper under review, so more news will come once we receive feedback from the evaluators.

“Visualizing Wattpad” by Pianzola and Rebora. Presented at DH2019, Utrecht
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My most recent publication in English is:

Pianzola F, Rebora S, Lauer G (2020). “Wattpad as a resource for literary studies. Quantitative and qualitative examples of the importance of digital social reading and readers’ comments in the margins.” PLoS ONE 15(1): e0226708.

world map with color gradients indicating the percentage of Wattpad users' geographical location

World map of a sample of Wattpad users’ location

For a complete list of my publications and access to full texts, follow me on  ResearchGate profile link