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Reading in Virtual Reality

Child with VR headset

Today I’m going to reveal an odd idea that I had while chatting with Wayne de Fremery at the School of Integrated Knowledge of Sogang University (Seoul, South Korea). I want to create a VR experience specifically designed for reading.

The younger generations grew up experiencing stories mainly in audiovisual formats (films, tv series, video games, etc.) and printed books and ebooks are often seen as less engaging. We must acknowledge that they are a new kind of readers and we need to understand how to design paths that can bring them to the experience of reading literature.

So we decided to try an experiment: designing a digital environment for reading in Virtual Reality. More info will follow soon.

Online Social Reading. Using Twitter for Teaching Literature

Social reading is one of the themes that intrigues me the most. This is the poster I prepared to show an ongoing research about a project started by the association TwLetteratura that involved more than 5.000 students and generated around 17.000 tweets.

Creative writing and gamification are two resources teachers can use to make kids love reading!

Poster on online social reading


My most recent publication in English is:

Pianzola F. “Cognitive Affordances, Aesthetic Effects and Social Functions: A Systemic Approach to Narrative Studies.” Culture, Biography & Lifelong Learning, vol. 3, no.. 3, 2017, pp. 41-50

Culture, Biography and Lifelong Learning Journal Cover

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